Thursday, February 5, 2015

Feb 3rd Lesson Recap

I got no pics, but I rode today so I took pics today. Without further ado, lesson recap:

CJ commented that my leg was doing much better. Yay! We did a lot of walk work to start with. We did shoulder in and haunches in. And lots of circles. Then we moved up to sitting trot and did more shoulder in/haunches in. It was so cool! It was hard, but so rewarding. Te coolest part was Ries already knew how to do it!

We ended on long and low trot and CJ was shocked at out progress. She told me that we already have it, and perfectly too. Woo!

Moving up the dressage ranks guys!

Now pics from today, we had no friends to take pics so they are from me lol.

Proof of no forelock
And my gloves died


  1. I spot a PS bridle! And a finger. Poor little forelock!

  2. The first two pictures together make it look like he has a suuuuuuper long neck LOL :) Yay for dressage!

  3. sounds like a fun lesson!! and his forelock isn't THAT bad... haha - there's at leas a little something there ;)

  4. Beautiful bridle & my gloves both look like that! Hoping to hit up a tack store tomorrow as i have a couple things I need to pick up #squee pony spending is always super fun