Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Friendship before education.
This was my decision on monday. I didn't even think twice. Loyal friendship is very important to me. I will always be there for someone whether I just met them the day before or if I've been friends forever. 

I do this because I know how many times I've needed someone. I've fallen on to people who I have never even talked to outside of school or work. I've also fallen on those that have been by my side for years. To me, it shouldn't make a difference. 


Sorry, just needed to get that out there. 
Sunday, Ries was a spooky brat. Today, he was a bored spooky brat. He used spooking as a way to get out of work. Because he was bored. I can't help the fact that I am so lackluster. But apparently he doesnt dig it lol

They aren't even big spooks, mostly just him being distracted. But it annoys the crap out of me. I need to do more on the flat so he doesn't get as bored. 

Some cute pics from today:
Oh and I got some bling gloves. Holla. 

Wow this was a boring post. Hey atleast there are cute pony pics. 


  1. Reis is the cutest! Love those gloves!

  2. Kika does the spooking to get out of work thing too - 100% agree to its uber annoyingness *nod*
    Being there for people when they need a sympathetic ear is my definition of friendship too

  3. I totally feel your pain when it comes to a grey horse using spooking to get out of work :) The cuteness helps though. Your new gloves are fan!

  4. Ries is so adorable.

    And good friends are the best.

  5. We will always take pony pictures. Especially of that cute face!

  6. love those bling-y gloves!! and yea i feel your pain about getting frustrated at all the silly spooks and distractions... sometimes it feels like my mare is literally looking for a reason to tune me out haha