Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The life of a bling-aholic

It's true. If it can be sparkly, I will have it. Sometime's blogger friends are surprised. One time, I wore a bling javket to the barn and SB was like "oh nos its gunna get ruined!". I laughed because it was my bling barn jacket.
Why yes, that is a bling mountain horse headband.

Do I have a problem? Maybe. The way I see it, I may suck at rididng, but my beautiful horse and shiny sparkles will blind you from seeing it.

Anytime anything comes rhinestoned it is immediately "ooh- grabby hands!" 

Some people call it a problem, I see it as a solution.

Anything I wouldn't bling? I can't think of any. I have bling underwear, I would happily eat edible glitter, I have glitter shoes and rhinestoned boots. Yep, pretty sure I can bling it all. 

One girl. One dream. No one is stopping me (unless it gets tacky). 


  1. Lol-d so hard at this. Yes! :)

  2. I legit laughed out loud at this. At work. Omg.

    "I see it as the solution".


  3. You were a musketeer before you even knew you were a musketeer. We are all about the bling. But I think you may be the blingiest! #blingmusketeer

  4. OMG best blog post ever! I agree. Still laughing!

  5. I have all about that bling stuck on a loop in my head to Meghan Traynors All About That Bass soundtrack!
    Love your jacket - does it come in different colours?! *grabby-hands*