Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Body Work

Pretty regularly, I have Ries get some body work done. Ever since I started a year ago, I have noticed a major improvement in his attitude and how fast he progresses.

Saturday, Ries got seen by our favorite person. Now, he wasn't showing distinct signs that he needed it. But, it had been awhile and it never hurts. 

I am so happy I called her out! His back was doing fantastic. However, he had a rib out and his chest was tight! It is incredible to watch how expressive horses are when they feel good.

Yesterday, I had her come to CJs barn to work on two of her horses. One was a lesson horse, Proof. He was very tight in his neck and chest, which started leading to his hips. 

The other horse was Argorn, her fourth level beasty that I started riding. Poor guy's neck made so many popping and crackling noises! His shoulders were also very tight. 

I am amazed at what bodywork can do. Do you guys have your horses seen regularly by a chiropractor or accupressurist? 


  1. The only chiro I believe in is retired.


    I will have someone inferior out later.

  2. I have an osteo who gives my girls the once over, K kindly let's me know in no uncertain terms when she starts to feel blocked. A Martyr that horse is not, thankfully on that note she has good self preservation - so when Kika gives me the sign both girls get checked. To date though Nancy has required little work. Admittedly Nancy rarely rolls from one side to the other and she does not leap up from a roll & take off farting and bucking...so you know those are acts of self preservation too & cost me nothing ;-)

  3. i like having the chiro out for my mare and try to do it every six months (tho my schedule won't work for the visiting chiro's next appt boo).. i'm not totally convinced that it makes a 'huge' difference, but the horse seems to enjoy it and feel good afterward, and i'd rather invest in maintenance than trying to fix a problem after it's pretty well developed...