Thursday, February 12, 2015

FOO: College Kid

Tracey at Fly on Over did a blog post about her day in the life. So here is mine, in two parts. **I am currently not working. When I start work again in March Tues/Thurs/Friday downtime will turn into work.


10:00- Decide I should do something with my morning than lay in bed. Curse myself for staying up so late. 

10:30- Do some HW and chores around my place. Get ready for the day. Struggle deciding whether to eat breakfast or lunch. 

12:00- History. Text friends begging them to get lunch with me after class.

1:30-spend money I dont have on lunch. Catch up with blogger and facebook.

3:00- econ. Play more on blogger. Decide what I want for dinner.

4:30- Mondays: Go home, make dinner, do homework, and watch netflix.
Wednesdays: go to gym or do hw. Night class on Wed from 6-8:45.

10:00- Tell myself Ive binge watched netflix for long enough and it is time to do homework

2:00- Finally fall asleep 
Fiona says it's time for bed. 


8:00- wake up. Surf facebook. Get ready for the day.

10:30- Accounting class. Try not to fall asleep.

12:00-Free atlast! Eat lunch. Get ready for the barn. 

2:00- Pony time! Ride, then chores. 
Mm lean cuisine.

5:00- Drive home or go to CJs barn and ride her horses. 

8:00- Eat dinner. Pretend to do hw. 

Fridays are a free for all.

As you can see, my life is kind of boring. Lots of ponies involved but going 2 months without working is no bueno. I miss having money. 


  1. I don't think your life is boring, it actually sounds pretty nice :) Other than the staying up until 2 in the morning to do homework....

  2. sounds good to me!!! the job thing will happen eventually too :)

  3. Jobs are good for money but an awful time & energy suck. Of i could get paid full time but work part time I'd be sorted ;-)