Thursday, January 5, 2017

BR: The Cuckoo's Calling

Time for my first book review! Because it seriously is the only book I finished in 2016 and I started it in 2014. One of my goals this year is to read more books and I figured I should start by finishing what I already started to read. 

Title:  The Cuckoo's Calling

Author: Robert Galbraith


The novel is set in the UK where a young adult model suddenly commits suicide, or so it appears. Unsatisfied by the police's detective work, the model's brother hires a private detective to do more sleuthing. The main character and POV for this novel is from Strike, the private detective. The book follows his journey to dig up hidden secrets about the model's life to uncover what really happened to her.


I think it is safe to say I'm not an avid reader and don't have any recent books to compare this to. However, I did really enjoy this reading this. This was the first mystery novel I ever read and the plot and characters kept me interested. Even though it is YA fiction, it didn't read as an immature book. The diction was smart in that I came across words I didn't know; which I always enjoy being able to learn new vocabulary. I didn't particularly relate to any of the characters, but found most of them to be unique and complex. The plot had some good twists and enough to keep me guessing but I definitely didn't expect the outcome of the novel.


  1. So do you like mysteries?? Because if so, I have a long list for you :) They're my fave!