Sunday, January 11, 2015

Riesy da giant spaz

Well that was interesting. The bridle was a size 1 (only size it came in) and while the headstall fit great, the reins were mega short. The reins themselves are thin and skinny(still good quality). Not a good day for Riesy to be a spaz.

SprinklerBandits couldnt play ponies, Hollybully is on vacay and same is RedHeadlins. So therefore, no poney pics.

Snapshot of our ride: 

tacking up, I could tell he was spazy. Dats ok.

Got on, noticed reins were so short omg. Proceeded with ride anyways.

Long and low trots to warm up, he was super. My eq would have made yall laigh. I had to lean forward and throw my hands forward just to give him enough rein. Lolz. 

Working trot he started getting full of himself. Two spooks. Worried I was gunna have to break in the onek, and died on the inside. He was ok though. 

Moved into canter, he was a little short, but not bad. Then I changed directions. Then Ries dolphin jumped for half a lap. I finally calmed him down to a decent canter for half a lap and called it good.

Downward to working trot, he was stiff and full of himself. Wanted to be a silly goose so I threw him on a loose rein walk.

Decided it had been a productive day, and took pics. 

He was throwing his head so much that his bonnet got lopsided. He said he wanted it that way.

First impression of the bridle: I think Riesy felt naked in his head region. I dont think he disliked it, I think he was just confused. LOVED the crown. I also prefer how the cavason fits over my other bridle. Overall love the leather and cant wait to break it in. 


  1. What a beautiful bridle, hopefully you find another pair of snazzy (longer) reins and that next time Mr Riesling will behave better to show off the fancy new gear. Although he prob figured there was no paparazzi, so why behave, ya'know?

  2. I approve of your correctly adjusted bridle. Well done!

  3. Which size did you get, cob or full (there is no numeric sizing so I'm not sure what you mean by size 1)? Asking because I think there's a rein length difference between the sizes but I only have two cob size bridles so I have nothing by which to compare. Would be interested to see if the cob reins are shorter and by how much, if yours is a full. Granted, I don't have an issue with rein length, i'm just curious!

    1. The shine bridle only comes in size 1. I have no idea why they did this with this bridle b/c I know the rest are normal. Its on their website though. Im interested to see what other bridles are this size. The headstall fits like a full but reins fit like cob

  4. aww silly Riesling ! glad you like the bridle - odd about the short reins tho