Saturday, January 17, 2015

Burgundy Pants

Wow. I suck at creative post titles. Anyways, CJ was sick yesterday so lesson is tonight! Woo! I hopped on Riesy and he gave me way less of a middle finger. Kept it simple since we have a lesson today. There was some jerk that hauled in to use the indoor and was just an overall asshole. At one point he did a sliding stop (a shitty one) right in front of me walking Riesy on a loose rein. I was about to beat him with my dressage whip. But anyways, ride was still good and we managed some decent pics. One was on one phone and some are on yhe other so thats why they look diff lol

Yay pony! We should have pics tonight from the lesson :)


  1. Boo to asshole hauling in, I hate sharing arena with selfish idiots!
    Love all the photos, yours & Riesling's complementary matchy-matchy outfits are *swoon*

  2. Waaaah I wish my indoor was as well lit as yours. ;-)

  3. Look at all those fancy trot shots, you guys looked great even with the distractions!

  4. love the pics!! but boo to jerk riders not knowing how to share the arena. you should have chased after him with the whip lol!!!