Thursday, January 15, 2015

Red Pants

Eep. Interesting ride. ReadHeadLins rode too so check out her blog for more pics!

The theme for today: loose calves&sitting on the cantle and for Riesy it was be pissy and cold backed and make Micaylah's legs burn. It was great. Really. /sarcasm

We did manage to snap some pics that were decent after a looooong warm up. My horse gave me the middle finger for fifteen minutes. 

Once I got to a satisfied point, I let RedHeadLins hop on. She didnt get the middle finger and he was actually quite loose. 

We have a lesson tomorrow. Should be interesting. 


  1. Have fun in the lesson!
    I prefer my horses give me the middle finger and behave for others than vice versa - even if it is super annoying in the moment. Although if redheadlins was near enough to rode my ponies she would whoop them into much better shape than I can so they could do what they want with her #sorrynotsorry

    1. loling so hard right now! It was a fun evening:)

    2. Love making people lol ☺
      Mission accomplished!

  2. love the pants!!! and nice pics too - good luck with the lesson!