Saturday, January 10, 2015

I finally rode again!

EDIT: This was supposed to be posted on like the first if January but never published for whatever reason.

And am super behind on my blogging schedule. Hopefully later today I will get around to posting my goals. Whoops. Better late than never?

Anyways, another friend was in town and wanted to ride my boy. I wanted to break in my new breeches so I said eff it to my hand and hopped on! Yayy! Im a little embarassed about how we look, but my friend made him look dashing! Photo dump! 

First I took pics of the lesson at CJ (trainer)s barn. 

And now on to my barn! I rode first

Can we talk about his neck for a second? (And not my awful eq?) I cant wait to see what we look like in spring. 


  1. Weeeeeeee fab photos!
    Gland the hand is well enough to ride. Outdoor pics look cold, brrrrr, glad you've a cozy looking indoor to play in *thumbsup*

  2. brr - looks COLD out there! you guys look great tho - he is just too handsome :)