Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bling on Bling

Bling on bling action
Oh man. Oh man oh man oh man. I am tiiirred. Last night's lesson consisted of trotting circles and doing figures. I suck at knowing where the letters are, so this was especially challenging for me. I definitely got to the point on my lesson where I didn't know which way was left. But I had SB there and she took pics AND videos! Yee-haw! First, some pics.

Ries taking direction from CJ
So tired. Need a full neck cooler lol


  1. Hey you've had Riesling since June 2009!

  2. lol @ your mom comments.

    Thanks for the invite. I guess I should embrace the whole "watch dressage lessons" thing for a while now.

  3. Love the makeshift neck cooler *thumbsup*

  4. ooh he has such a lovely trot!! that last pic is hilarious too :)

  5. Oh, and you need to come to an Arabian show with me. Those folks can BLING.