Friday, January 23, 2015

Micaylah Land

So uh. Not much new going on in Micaylah land (that I will chose to talk about :p) I definitely havent been horse shopping like cray since my saddle is now with SB.

Yesterday I had a nice quick ride on Ries. He has been super putzy and it was bugging me. Also my leg position has been super frustrating. So we pretty much walked. And walked. And I worked really hard on concreting my position. 

I am a firm believer that 9 times outta 10 if my horse isnt doing what Im asking its because of me asking wrong. So at my last lesson CJ reminded me that Ries was probably refusing to go forward because 1) my rein contact was too heavy and 2) my legs were moving so much he didnt know when I was asking to go forward and when my leg just was sucking lol

So first day after my lesson I rode with super loose reins. And worked on my legs. He seemed mildly improved and I figured he was probably still stiff/sore. Fast forward to yesterday. He was a little putzy warming up, and then his mild spook instilled some energy into our ride. 

I thought to myself: "Ries if you have energy to spook, you have energy to move forward".

So I adjusted my seat and leg amd BAM forward trot. I tried not to interfere with my hands too much amd kept my leg silent. Everytime we slowed down I put on leg and it was like a firecracker went off! Wee! Then my leg fell silent and we were left with a glorious tempo. He offered to stretch his neck and bend and I smiled with joy.

My easy going, ready to please horse was finally back! 

Canter transitions werent the best, but they werent bad either. Pretty average.  He even offered a long and low canter. We had a few mild spooks but otherwise he was so relaxed! 

I threw him on a loose rein and gave him a big pat. I couldnt stop smiling. We have speakers in the indoor and Mean To Me by Brett Eldredge came on the radio and I serenaded to crap outta my horse. It was mushy and delightful. RedHeadLins happened to stop by as well and took a fabulous pic of us. 


  1. yay glad he found his 'go' button. and i like your point about '9 out of 10 times it's the rider's problem if the results aren't there'.... now i just need to figure out how to fix it haha

    1. This 100% - soooooooo hard though

  2. You say sucking, but I don't think you are correct. M Sizzle doesn't suck. M sizzle has all the dressage skillz. Duh.