Saturday, November 22, 2014

Winter Photos!

So I'll start off by saying I'm super lazy and don't feel like editing them and making them all cute. Mostly because I know longer own PS and hate the cheapy free version. Not they really need much editing by any means, but they weren't taken with a super duper awesome camera so they aren't naturally perfect. Methinks I need A to take pics of me with her skillage.

So alas, PHOTO DUMP!
Calvin decided he wanted pics too

Hes just straight chillin up there


I wants to eat it!

Riesy is like WTF is on you??!

I can haz?

He bows


And now I eat your face mwahaha

Ugh stop kissing me human

Calvin is sliding off lol

Bler I'm tired of looking cute

Whew. I hope you made it through that. Cute pics I know. Hopefully we will have riding pics tomorrow!


  1. Those are awesome! You guys are so cute. And yes, a photo session needs to be in the works!

  2. Gawjus photos, you guys are super cute zusamen