Sunday, November 30, 2014

Riding Time!

Yesterday I got HollyBully and SprinklerBandit to come out and take photos of my ride! We also went and saw Courage and played with him. Riesling was a little stiff and just overall not his usual self. I pushed him, but I didn't do anything too hard on him. Mostly lots of trotting and long and low. He still put in a lot of effort, but I had to really push him to move forward. I'll hop on him today and see how he is. But without further ado, photo drop!

Why hullo there

All smiles when I ride this guy

Our long and low was not so long and low

Notice my lower leg trying so hard to move him forward

So majestic

I have chicken wing arms

I know I still have a lot to work on, and I'm hoping he will be more loosey goosey today. Then SprinklerBandit hoped on. I'm sure she will have pictures on her blog!

Now to some really awful eq pictures on Courage! I haven't been in a jump saddle for awhile and this was my first time riding courage so I mostly just tried not to interfere.
"Oh gosh this is so weird, he's so narrow!"

Gotta keep my chicken arms consistent *headdesk*

He was good at tolerating my awful eq

"Here Courage you just take all the reins you need" aka me failing at keeping my arms in a 90 degree angle.
Me thinks I need to get my jump saddle out and practice some eq.. embarrassing much (But C looks so cute so I had to include the pics) !


  1. Those arenas look fab & the photos are superb and a super way to zero in on problem areas to help improve ourselves.
    Riesling & Courage are such dream boats ♡

    1. Ps found you on insta & started stalking

    2. Thank you! You need to follow me so I can stalk you back!

    3. I think i did, or at least I meant to...hmm shall checksy

  2. Such a fun day. We have to do it again!

  3. I also rock the chicken wings most days. *sigh.

    Love all the pony pictures though!

  4. just found your blog - love Riesling and that HUGE cat lol!! sounds like a fun time with C-Rage :)