Monday, November 24, 2014

The awesomest shirt (that I can afford) evaaarr!

So on my birthday shopping extravaganza I decided to buy some Noble Outfitters. It is really inexpensive and awesome sauce. I want to specifically talk about the Mariah shirt.
Photo from Noble Outfitters
These shirts are around $25 which puts them at way less expensive than Kerrits. The material is like an athletic shirt. The cuffs have thumb holes which have pros and cons. They keep your palm warm but I don't know if it is the design or if it is just me, but after wearing them for awhile they rub  in between my thumb and index finger and its mildly uncomfortable.

The fabric is fantastic though. It keeps me plenty warm and works great as a layer. It is thin but it wicks moisture. For riding you don't feel sweaty afterwords. You don't get wet after working in lots of layers either. It also has sun protection for the summer so they are multi-season! Today it was around 40 degrees and I wore just this shirt and a vest (also by Noble). When it was 10 degrees I wore this under a jacket and either a down jacket or my 3-1 Joules jacket (fleece inside with removable shell). It is super comfortable. Like I definitely slept in this shirt and wore it daily for a solid week. I only took it off to wash it. And I just got two more. Because I want them all. All the Noble things. I can update about quality in the spring, because these shirts will be all that I wear.


  1. Replies
    1. You need this shirt! Seriously they are awesome!

  2. Sounds fab! Might have to see do NO deliver internationally!
    I have a jumper with the thumb cutout and while i don't find it uncomfortable in the same way, I do find it restrictive and usually end up taking my thumbs out if i have to use my arms for things like cleaning stables and/or stuffing haynets