Friday, November 14, 2014

Better late than never?

I've been wanting a blog for awhile now, but it has kind of taken me a little longer than I had anticipated to get started. Tonight I had  Redheadlins over for some dinner and pie (yum!) and I decided it was time to just get this thang goin'!

So I would like to first introduce you to my horse, Riesling. He is a 12 year old OTTB.

Nom Nom Nom

 Its been snowing for as long as I can remember now (I have a short attention span, apparently). While cleaning stalls this morning, I caught him in the act of being a silly horse. Eating snow is way more fun than drinking water.
Weeeellll. That is it for tonight. My late night, sugar induced blog has been created.


  1. It's about damn time woman! Welcome to the club.

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere! ☺
    Can't wait to find out moar