Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Troyota Bacon

How long can you absolutely love a new car? I feel like my love for Troyota Bacon will never wear off.

The day I got Troyota
A week before my birthday, I totaled my car. It wasn't my fault, which made me seriously upset because I loved Scarlette. But alas, she was dead. I was pretty bitter about finding a new car. I had been to dealership upon dealership and no one took me seriously. It was extremely irritating. I didn't even want a new car, I loved Scarlette. The ironic part was I didn't want to get the same make and model that Scarolette was, for reasons I cannot explain. Scarlette was my first car, she could never be replaced. But I had to do what I had to do.

I really wasn't a fan of many cars that were in my budget, and I loved the cars that weren't in my budget. Typical, right? I didn't have any bias about what make I got, so I was destined to try every car until Cinderella found her glass slipper. Insert Troyota Bacon. I never thought I would have a car this nice, but somehow it just worked out. Troyota is a Toyota Camry. Having had him for a little over two weeks now, I am still absolutely enamored with him. I know, I'm weird. But I seriously love my car!

Every time I get in the drivers seat, a rush of excitement pours over me and I think to myself "This is mine!" I'm curious to see how long my new-car love will last. But I think it will last awhile until I get over the shock factor (not that I will ever stop loving Troyota, but the luster has to wear off sometime).

Long live the king! Troyota Bacon!


  1. Troyota is awesome! Btw my phone automatically comes up with the word troyota now 0_o

  2. Currently car shopping..I hope I find something I love this much! Congrats on the new 4 wheeled baby!