Friday, November 21, 2014

Awesomesauce Lesson

So today I had an amazing lesson. The weather here has been on average in the 20s with our 8 inches of snow we got last week unable to melt. It sucks for doing anything, but my indoor's footing is super so I feel bad not riding. On Thursday (last week) we just did long and low for maybe 20 min and called it good. I wasn't sure what to expect today but OHEMGEE. It was seriously epic.

Selfie shame
I was super nervous when I was tacking up though because one of his front legs was covered in mud. While brushing it off he was being super touchy. I was concerned he hurt it. He kept lifting it up whenever I tried to put his brush boots on, but I got them on and trotted him to make sure he wasn't off. *side note-his leg was no longer sensitive after putting the boot on and after the ride

But he was sound! We had a solid 20 min of walking to warm up and some long and low trot/canter work before my trainer arrived. He was really excited to work! We built upon some things from our second lesson. We did quarter turns at the sitting trot and worked up to the canter. Everything she said to me made absolute sense. This is only my 3rd formal dressage lesson and we are dressaging like crazy! It helps that my horse was trained in it so he is more teaching me than anything.

Outfit on point. The polos are embroidered with "OTTB Infinite Possibilities"
So when I ride, I normally just like herp derp around. I mean I can ride but I can't do any fancy dressage-y things on my own. I can ride in a frame and do long and low and that's about it. I'm learning to do more on my own though. All of the skillz my trainer is unlocking in my lessons is so exciting! She makes me feel like a super talented rider. We do these real dressage moves with ease. And I know I look super awesome doing them, but I need photographic proof.

It is quarter sheet weather- much to Riesling's dismay
So our lesson ended up being a total of an hour and a half (with plenty of breaks, my horse was not over worked I promise) and all amazing. We did lots of baby steps working up to our final goal. It was fantastic. I love how well my trainer builds a solid foundation before moving on. We are moving at a quicker pace than I expected, but in a good way. She is giving me these skills that I seem to be mastering almost immediately. As soon as I started riding for her she was so impressed with how well I've been doing my "homework".

I wish I had pictures to document how awesome my ride was. Because seriously I hurt so bad in a good way. After I got off I was like a deer walking for the first time. My poor knees suck but I won't ever give up riding, it is so worth it for the days like today!


  1. Sounds epic & I love Riesling's outfit. Gorgeous Dressage Diva