Friday, February 24, 2017

Viva Carlos Blog Hop: Naivete

What horse related or equestrian related piece of knowledge did you believe was true for an extended period of time that turned out to not be true?

I guess it's time I air my dirty laundry of stupid horse knowledge that isn't real. 
Riesy 003
I basically though Ries was the best most majykal hunter

When I first started riding "hunters" I was taught to see-saw to no end. "Get his head down! See-saw!". Also, slack in the reins was a good thing. Oh and to lunge a horse that wouldn't "get his head down" while under saddle, I was taught to take a western bridle, run the reins under the chest, bring them up and over the top of the withers, and tie them in a knot. Then lunge them until the sun sets. 

lala 074
This poor dude suffered my see-sawing and poor lunging skills

Luckily, my new dressage knowledge doesn't leave me like a hopeless freak. And seeing A rated hunters ride (instead of the unrated circuit I showed on as a kid) with contact, makes me happy that hunter rider's aren't actually dumb, I was just taught to be a dumb one. 

lala 099
Such a saint, hes still a happy pony today! I'll have to write more about him!
And my last ungodly stupid knowledge was related to bits. I was taught the more breaks in the bit the more severe it was. So basically, Waterfords were of the devil. When I first worked at a tack store here in Idaho, I cringed so hard at the first girl who bought one. I didn't understand why everyone wasn't buying a single jointed snaffle. Sorry girl I gave dirty looks to who bought that Waterford (in fact, this was Alyssa, and I was MORTIFIED when I found out that I was the stupidest judgmental Californian-turned Idahoan that existed when we became friends). 


  1. Interesting! I am still thinking on what I will post.

  2. It's amazing the wrong things people teach us!

  3. That lunging in a western bridle situation is intense.

    1. yeah I'm still visualizing how it would reach back up over the neck. did it rub on their elbows/armpits?

  4. That bit about lunging with your reins all funny is TOTALLY acceptable in some parts of the western world. I see it ALL the time. :/

  5. That is super interesting! I'll admit- I was a little concerned when I first laid eyes on a Waterford :)

  6. I heard so many stupid things as a kid and for the most part, I was obnoxious and would point out that in other books, etc they disagreed. I grew up riding western and there was the idea of more bit to stop the horse and so forth.

    It's amazing what we're taught with no sound logic at times.

  7. I didn't realize or didn't understand what the extra joints were all about in a bit too, and felt similarly to you the first time I saw a Waterford (which, incidentally, happened to be a game changing bit for Isabel. She only went in it briefly but it totally changed the dynamic of our conversation for the better. Go figure)

  8. Oh man that lunging set up... so glad you don't think all hunters are wack 😜