Tuesday, February 7, 2017


ft. puppy pics because shes so cute <3
So I'm in week 5 of classes this semester and I realized this is the best semester I've had my entire life. I'm enjoying classes, getting all my homework done, and haven't skipped anything yet. I was really happy and proud of myself when I finally made a correlation. My narcolepsy meds also are used for ADHD. No wonder I can finally get shit done. 

To not be tired all the time and also super focused in my life? This is amazing.

On the riding front, I've gotten 3 rides in this year! Auzzy has been a doll and I've really enjoyed riding her. I have a video of me riding (like a potato) from last week I'll share with y'all. Can't believe I went nearly four months without riding and barely walking. I'm so ready to kick 2017's butt!