Thursday, February 23, 2017

Dreaming of Spring

Winter is still wreaking havoc on Idaho, at least in my area. My place is a mud pit and J's place is half mud half 1ft of snow. It's killing the vibe. J is even more of a hoarder than I am so I propositioned her to spend a day cleaning tack and day drinking. Yesterday happened to be that day.

J decided we needed fondue to go with our wine so while she was at the store I went and harassed all her ponies. I'll introduce you to the small group of ponies that were into the whole selfie game. 

At the top of the post is an unnamed 2 y/o that is the sister of Winston (Bay RPSI yearling that lived at my house last year). She was in a neglect situation and her feet never got trimmed so her soundess is questionable. She is pasture sound now, and because she's related to J's herd, J wants to rehab her and keep her around even if she can't be ridden. If she loses her pasture soundness she will be put down, but we are hoping for that not to happen!

Next is Merlot, aka 5 y/o green bean who accidentally broke my foot. He is such a sweety, I'm obsessed. 

J was given this sweet grey mare to re-home, but her daughter fell in love. She is a super sweet QH packer and we plan on taking her to a few schooling shows this year to sell because, unfortunately, a 13 y/o really can't ride 4 horses at once. 

Next is this cute little weanling, yet to be named. I hung out in the momma and foal pasture, but this was the only brave baby to let me cuddle and take selfies. He is a cute little RPSI colt. 

As soon as spring hits, all the babies will get cleaned up, inspected, and sold to their new homes! Until then, I'll keep taking any opportunity to give them smooches. 

If you are looking for a pick-me-up this winter, I definitely recommend tack cleaning with fondue and wine. And for anyone interested, this is the amazing fondue recipe:

Bring one cup of dry white wine and the juice of half a lemon to just under a simmer. Shred half a hand sized round of edam, a 6 ounce block of swiss, and a 5 ounce block of gruyere (doesn't have to be exact weight, just similar). Toss shredded cheese in 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of flour, making sure shreds are evenly coated. Slowly add shredded cheese to wine and stir thoroughly. Lower heat to low and eat when all cheese is melted! So easy, so amazing. I was too busy engorging myself to take a picture, but trust me, it looked amazing too.


  1. Fondue, wine and tack cleaning? That sounds spectacular! I love all the cute horse selfies (horsies?). :)

  2. Fondue and wine with anything would make life better I think lol

  3. Spring cannot come fast enough. We had fondue for dinner, but sadly no tack cleaning occured.