Thursday, February 9, 2017

Auzzy Ride #3

Shoveling snow off the roof of the trailer
So I said I was going to post the video but instead I made the video into gifs for your viewing pleasure! This ride was back on 2/3 and haven't had a chance to ride since (boooo). This ride we actually got some great work in. She was responding nicely to my leg and and our trot tempo was way steadier. She still isn't even into the bridle and tends to be on the forehand but progress! She was able to maintain an inside bend a lot easier, but the video is extremely helpful to see what else I want to work on. 

On the first ride she was extremely nose to chest anytime I tried any contact, and a little of that is still shining through . Her canter was also the most uncomfortable up-down gait I had ever ridden. She also went to a running trot before finally cantering. These transitions are a lot smoother and her canter actually felt normal. She is pretty weak though and kept breaking so I didn't push her too hard.

On to my own position, I feel like I was having to use waay too much inside leg to maintain bend and you can see my heels tend to sneak up. My upper body looks stable but I really need to work on my lower leg strength. I'm so embarrassed to even show you the gifs, but my lower leg has always been a struggle of mine. Me thinks its time for no stirrups. 

Overall, I'm pleased and see a lot of good areas for improvement. Good thing I just got my gym membership back! 


  1. Listen, any riding is good riding in my book. I'm sure you'll have to build up your strength, as well!

  2. You look good in the saddle. I'm jealous- it's too cold and icy/snowy to ride here! This is when I long for an indoor.

    I have spent years trying to get my legs right and then I had a saddle fitter fit the saddle to me and my horse and my leg became magically stable.

  3. Shoveling snow off the trailer sounds like something I never want to do! :O