Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Barn Hacks: Mat Moving

I don't know how many of you guys know this little trick, but it is one of my favorites. My mom was taught it when I first started riding by our horse trainer. It saves so much time and effort. 

Step 1) Acquire mat 

Step 2) Lay leadrope across narrow part of mat

Step 3) Fold mat over leadrope

Step 4) Grab both ends of leadrope that are sticking out of the mat and use them to pull the mat to desired location

Step 5) Be filled with relief when it doesn't take you forever to move said mat and you aren't huffing and puffing (ok maybe I'm just a weakling, but those mats can be heavy!)

And that is one of my favorite barn hacks in all the land! Now if only mats didn't have to be so expensive...

P.S. Brace was short lived, I'm back in the boot and convinced my Dr is a little "special"


  1. Also helpful is using pliers to grip to the mat and then pull with the pliers. It makes a huge difference in the ease of moving mats.

  2. So clever!
    Mats are super heavy suckers. Sorry to hear the boot is back, but glad you're listening to your body and giving yourself every chance to heal 100%

  3. Let me know if you discover a barn hack for finding cheaper mats.

  4. Mats are so ridiculously expensive AND heavy. Y THO

  5. How much do you pay for mats? Here I can get a 4x6 for approximately $40. My husband almost killed his back putthign them in the stalls. Then we saw a hack using C-clamps!

  6. Those bastards are not only heavy but noodly!

  7. Why did no one tell me about this technique this summer!? OMG!!