Friday, October 14, 2016

25 Things You Didn't Know About Me w/ bonus random pictures

Because my blog is boring currently (but shouldn't be for much longer!) I have stolen this from L @ Viva Carlos.

I'm happiest when... my life seems to be going forward in the trajectory I want it to

.... Especially If... I'm reflecting on how my rides were that day

I've always wanted to... Be apart of a show barn. I wanted to go to big multi-day shows and immerse myself in horses 24/7. And I still do.

My family and I... don't always see eye to eye on priorities

I was a terrible... cheerleader. I always wanted to tumble and my first time in a cheer camp resulted in me being abandoned in a corner "practicing somersaults" while everyone else actually learned things. But I didn't give up. In middle school while practicing to try out for cheer I broke my left arm (re-broke from getting bucked off a horse, actually). And yet I still joined Pop Warner cheer after that healed. Needless to say I realized that I had no business trying to continue into high school. 

My first job was... working at a horseback riding camp for Girl Scouts. It was a rough start. I was on my feet for 8 hours in the hot sun trying to prevent kids from harassing the hoses. 

I could probably eat... Mexican food 24/7. GIMMEE

I stole.. a saddle pad from work (it was on accident I swear!) I was bejeweling it for them to sell and then they closed.

I was born on the same day as ... Coco Crisp? I had to look this up and apparently this guy is a baseball player. 

My all time favorite movie is... Oh god I can't. I like everything from Star Wars to Mean Girls.

I do a pretty mean... job at baking/cooking experiments. 
I'm still mad... about the finale of HIMYM
I met my SO at.. Tinder! Shout out to Monica who also has a Tinder SO. We've been together about a year and a half now. 

I always knew I wanted a .. officer position in a sorority 

I'm not afraid to... follow my happiness and dreams, even if other people have different goals for me.

I make the best... Macaroni and Cheese (it has a pound of bacon in it, just saying,,)

I have almost no... student skills. I am the worst.

I always cry when.. anyone yells at me or gets mad at me. I am weak.

I'm (now) a Senior (with Junior credits) in college!

I spent years.. trying to make everyone happy and like me. 

I wish my folks... invested in my horse career (lol like there is actually one there). 

At 5 I was deeply in love with... Britney Spears. Look, if she can get through 2007, I can get through anything. LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE. lolz

I believe if everyone... loved instead of hated this world would be amazing.

I can't stand.. when people leave time on the microwave

Whenever a good infomercial... is on I'll watch it. Weird addiction I know. 


  1. Fun facts thanks for sharing ☺

  2. Ha! I also make a mean mac and cheese!

  3. Tinder success stories unite! Also can you make me mac n cheese plz?

  4. oh man those kittens in that dishwasher