Thursday, February 11, 2016


I've been driving the struggle bus lately. I have no motivation for school. Lately I find myself just stumbling through the motions of life. I realized that is no way to live your life. So I thought about why I want to learn about business. I made some goals and aspirations for myself. I'm thinking about the big picture and how if I don't buckle down and do it I won't get anywhere. Even things I love I don't want to do. But now that I have this seemingly gorgeous future envisioned for myself I want nothing less. I'm going to struggle and screw up along the way, but damnit I'm going to do this. 

I proved to myself the power of positive thinking last night when I realized I had missed two of my tests I had scheduled. I immediately wanted to cry and kick myself but I took a deep breath and rescheduled for a few hours later, told myself I'm going to make Calculus my bitch and I feel really good about how I did on that test now.

2016 is my year. I'm going to be selfish and do things to make me happy for once. Starting with 5 things I am grateful for every morning. 

How I feel this morning:

1. An amazing hobby that led me to my best friend, Riesling, and to an awesome support system around the globe

2. My extremely supportive bf who saw the "normal" Micaylah before shit hit the fan and knows I'm going to be an even better version of myself coming out of this. 

3. Not having stupid roomates who eat my food

4. Costco sleep aid pills for helping me get some rest in. Muy importante. 

5. Waking up and driving during a beautiful sunrise. (Seriously driving to work in the dark is sad)

I'll have a riding update soon, going to ~finally~ write out some goals for 2016, and maybe do a fun little giveaway for my 100th blog post! 


  1. positive thinking is seriously underrated, imo. also - i'm grateful for driving home in daylight now instead of darkness too!

  2. starting your day with grateful thoughts is such a good thing to do!

  3. I like your list of good things!

  4. I've been through some very terrible phases in my life and I have to say that as long as you have people around you who are loving and supportive you will definitely get through it and shine and tomorrow is another day! If people are are negative or keep you from growing in a positive direction, definitely discard them.