Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Balancing Act

Hadron the Newfie (horse trainer's dog)

One of my biggest struggles is balancing everything in my life. Being sick last year really threw it all out of wack. Honestly, I'm a really terrible student. I don't like doing homework and I somehow always think of something better to do than go to class. But this week I've been on my game.
I managed to get all of my homework done on Sunday and spent all day studying yesterday for an exam. The first tests of the semester are in and I am passing! My business law professor is kind of an ass and makes his exams hard. He told us in his teaching career only one student has ever gotten an A on one of his exams so I was pretty happy just to pass that test. 

Today I begin legging up all of my trainer's horses. They are out of shape, I'm out of shape, should be a blast. The weather has been really stormy on my ride days and my weekend got way out of control trying to get shit done. I've just seen Ries to stuff his face full of cookies and let him know I still exist. He is a traditionally lazy horse so he doesn't mind this after having a hard ride early last week. 

Our little farm is starting to become a real farm! Bf decided he wants to raise meat chickens so this should be an interesting little adventure. They are pretty cute and cuddly right now. We've also began painting our ancient cabinets white. We managed to get a whopping 2 doors painted. Ha. That should be finished this week, however. 
Ruger (mom's dog)
I also have puppy fever so hopefully I can have my own dog here to join me on adventures soon. 
It feels good to do everything I need to. When I can get house chores, school, and pony time in on schedule I am happy and not stressed. The goal is to get better at my time management and kick some ass this year. I apologize for the word vomit, but that's the little update on my life. 


  1. Congrats, sounds like it's all working well for you!

  2. Cute chickies! Have fun legging up all those horses. (How many?) I want a puppy as bad as some ladies want babies, so I feel ya!

  3. ugh if i could just get someone to come do my chores for me that'd be greeeaaatttt...

  4. Yahoo for doing great in school!! Business law was killer for me- worked my ass off!