Monday, February 8, 2016

Try, fail. Try harder, fail again. Jan-June

2015 Overview

I have neglected to post a wrap up about 2015. It's never too late to write a post, however.

2015 was a very difficult year. One of the most difficult years of my life. But it had to happen. And I feel incredibly stronger and like more of a person having experienced it. I want to look back at each month and reflect more about my year rather than about the bad experiences that seem to stick out. 70 posts, here we go.


"1) I work too hard to buy nice things and not get to play with my horse, so thats stopping"

"I'm not down to rock the sports bra in my college classes with some hot guys. Ya know?"

Two favorite pictures and two funny quotes. I posted about my resolutions and a few of them I accomplished! Pretty good start to the year.


"But my world got turned upside down." 

Awesome pictures this month hahaha. This is when I had to move all of a sudden. I wasn't working which was nice. I got some jump time in and talked about my favorite thing -bling.


"Im pretty sure I have the worst luck ever." "#peglegmuskateer"

I got hurt and reminisced about the younger days.



I jumped again! Ries turned 13 and I stalked the mailman for my Monacos.


Recovered from being super sick and dealing with dumb roomate. Mom got married and happy gotcha day to Ries!


"So I have probably thrown down over $1,000 for this one show over membership fees, entry fees, and show clothes. Let's see if we can win some satin! "

I had my first dressage show ever, where Czoey Czar saved the day. Ries was very hurt and I cried a lot during that show. I ended up with Reserve Champ! 

Next six months coming soon. Quite a ride for those last six, if I only knew what was coming!


  1. lots of ups and downs for sure - i love all the quotes tho! and of course that satin from the horse show never hurts ;)

  2. It's always good to put another year behind us bad or good.

  3. I always find myself spending a lot of time reminiscing when I do my annual recaps. Looking forward to seeing the last half of the year.