Sunday, January 24, 2016

Why I said no

As much as a fabulous opportunity it was to start my breeding career I had to say no.


1) the mares werent the breeding quality I wanted

Della the Hanoverian has very good bloodlines. Unfortunately she also has OCD. While it hasn't been directly confirmed it is genetic and it isnot exactly something I can forget.

The second mare, Emmy, was of breeding quality and was ok to breed and create an RPSI baby, however she was unregistered. Her mom was a fantastic Grand Prix jumper and her father was excellent as well but she wasn't going to be able to create a well registered baby.

2) Im poor

It is unfair for me to say that I can support two more horses. Sure I have the hay but if one of them required medical attention I wouldn't be able to afford it. And that isn't fair to the horses.

3) I can't gauruntee a home to the babies

Yeah I have pasture at my house but other than that I don't know. Im still not 100% in my TB Riesling. I need to be able to support him fully (rather than my mom having my back in an emergency) before I can get another horse.

Sure it would be fun to have babies and the thought of making money and starting my career would be great, but that isn't realistic. I thought about it long and hard (trust me this is all I've ever wanted) and it just isn't the right time in my life, I'm only 20, my future is still unwritten. 


  1. A well-thought out and good decision. Good for you! I hope you do get the chance to breed one someday, when the timing is right.

  2. All very good and realistic reasons