Thursday, January 14, 2016



Besides all the Star Wars dreams lately, I've had the same hopes for my future since I was a little girl.

When I was in elementary school I was drafting plans for what my barn would look like and be called. 

When I hit middle school I was requesting course catalogs from equestrian colleges all over the US.

I've always wanted a future with horses. But in 8th grade my hopes and dreams of going to school for equestrian studies was smashed when my mom told me I'd never make it as a trainer and I should be a vet instead. I determined I could make this work. But I just couldn't be any farm vet. No; I was going to aim to be a vet for the United States Equestrian Team. 

Then my second semester of freshman year in college happened. And I failed so hard at bio and chemistry. I had a breakdown. It was at this point in time my parents told me "Well, Micaylah, I'd much rather see you take a large loan and build the boarding facility of your dreams than go to vet school." Wow. Thanks guys. This information would have been way more useful before I started school. 

So a roommate at the time convinced me to try seeking out a business degree. I pursued this for a year at my university and have been happy. I also enrolled to Dickinson State University to get an online associates degree in Equine Management. All was right with the world. *besides not having enough financial aid to start my associates 

Then I had to take the first semester of my junior year off to have surgery on my tonsils and adenoids. Its been a very rough time. After everything that has happened I lost it again. This time (after enrolled in this spring semester) my parents told me I could take a break from school and work full time. Great timing. Since I'm a little over half way done and already in student loan debt I'm not going to drop out by any means. I'm going to get my BBA.

But I had an interesting offer. My horse trainer no longer wants to continue on her breeding business. She has 2 teenage broodmares left (that live at my house) and wants to sell them to me. She would include breedings to her friend's RPSI stallion that just produced two gold babies at inspection last year. 

Financially and responsibly it is a dumb idea. But I've been reaching towards my dreams for so long, and to have an opportunity to start my life is all I've ever wanted. I'll elaborate more as I investigate further. I won't come up with an answer until I am fully 100% educated on what I would be getting myself into or giving up. But that is where I am standing. 


  1. i do not envy your position at all, tho it's definitely interesting to let my mind wander down all the various paths of how each option could work... regardless, i don't know you or the situation well enough to offer any real advice, beyond: talk to everyone you trust and respect about it (parents, trainers, friends, advisors, etc), do your research (and homework), and be honest with yourself. good luck!

  2. Definitely take your time and seek out support in your network. Decisions should never be taken lightly, which sounds like you are weighing all your options. Fingers crossed.

  3. Platinum? RPSI's foal grading system goes Gold, Silver, Bronze. Just FYI. And stallions are either approved, lisenced, or recorded. Make sure the stallion isn't Book II, the foals won't be worth hardly anything if that's the case. The breeding business is a really tough one, good broodmares are basically given away these days (no joke, my friend had a 1.50m Grand Prix jumper mare given to her, that's how bad the market is). The breeding industry is a favorite of mine but I know firsthand how tough it is, so just be realistic before you get in too deep!

    1. Oops! I just suck at remembering things- thanks for the clarification! I havent looked enough into the stallions yet. The situation just *sounds* appealing more than anything. Im extremely illiterate about breeding so I appreciate your input! I've basically decided it isnt a good idea for most people and most horses including me and the potential horses. Ill write more in depth about how I feel but it just is one of those moments where I was like "what do I want to do with my life?"

  4. Definitely do NOT give up on that education. Even from a selfish, financial position, once you stop going to school you are on the hook for those loans immediately, so you will be under even more pressure to make money and pay them off. That will ultimately turn the idea of "making money" into something much harder. So I definitely support your decision to finish getting your BBA! You can do it, and if you put the thought into this decision that you do into Reis and your blog, you will be fine. :)

  5. Don't give up on that degree girl, even if you just take one class a semester!! I have a BBA in Management and it's a great degree with lots of opportunities!!

    And keep following your dream!! I dream of a successful facility one day! :)

  6. Horses are the fastest way to lose money, especially baby horses that stand around and do nothing. Think this one through long and hard. Good luck either way! :)

  7. Tough call, I agree with the other commenters that suggested you complete your schooling...even though I know that education can be painful - it's worth it in the end.