Thursday, January 28, 2016

Review: Goode Rider Iconic Breech

Clearly I need to work on getting better pictures

Goode Rider Iconic Breech $179.99

I bought these last June at Mary's Tack and Feed in Del Mar, California. During my shopping trip I was telling the saleswoman about my favorite pair of breeches (Animo) when she convinced me to try on a pair of silicone full seat breeches by a brand I cannot remember (I want to say Struck but they aren't a retailer so I'm so lost). Whatever they were they were around $400-600 dollars. I didn't mind trying them on because lets be real I don't have that kind of money. 

And somehow that turned into trying on TS (for the first time!), Ariat, Pikeur, Cavallo, and these bad boys. 


These breeches fit very snug. The wide waistband is very comfortable and helps hold them up on my hips. My body type is more hourglass/pear where pants can be too snug in the thighs/butt yet too wide in the waist. These breeches are tight enough on my hips/waist and not too tight on my thighs/butt. The bottom leg of the pants are very contoured with a lycra like material that is stretchy enough to put on easily but also don't bunch up in the ankles. I would say they run true to size as they were the same size as the TS Trophy Hunters I tried on. The rise fits very comfortably on my hips, Not quite a mid, but not so low that I feel like I can't bend over without a belt. 


I ~adore~ the fabric on these. They are sport tech but extremely comfortable. I find some sport tech fabrics can be itchy but these are not. They are stretchy yet tight in any loose spots. I find the fabric to be very flattering and covers *flaws* in my body (i.e. no cottage cheese shows). 


The navy color really pairs well with a lot of outfits. If I plan on going somewhere after the barn these are my go-to breeches as I think they are very stylish with street clothes as well (not that not being stylish has stopped me from wearing breeches in public before). There is nice detailing on the (fake) front pocket that is a snaffle bit. The tan contrast stitching is also very coordinating. I like the euroseat design and the back pockets. The back pockets have a raised "spur design" that is a nice, small detail but isn't obnoxious. 


Overall I would rate these breeches an 8/10. The price point is on the higher side for me, but I think it is a great price for the quality. They wash fabulously and still look brand new. The fabric does not seem to stain or get very dirty at the barn. The fit, fabric, and style are exactly what I look for in a nice breech. I've had them for over 6 months now and use them more often in my regular breech rotation. They still look and feel brand new. I do wish they had a front pocket and I prefer full seats in my dressage saddle. However, I would not hesitate to pay retail price and buy another pair (hopefully full seat!) this summer.


  1. I ONLY buy Goode Rider breeches now. I haven't tried the Iconic, but I have the Pro Rider full seat and knee patch breeches. I never pay more than $90 a pair (sales everywhere - ebay is awesome too). I tried out their Perfect Fit breeches though and was very disappointed. So tight around the leg (not waist) that I could barely bend my legs and riding was so difficult. Sold them after one ride. But yeah, their line of breeches are usually pretty amazing.

  2. interesting - i've heard good things about them!