Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Viva Carlos Blog Hop: Planner Peek!

Shout out to Viva Carlos for not only this awesome blog hop but also for reminding me I need to actually use this planner. ha. 

My Planner: Lilly Pulitzer hard back weekly planner. I've had an assortment of planners but I really like the size of this one. 
much pretty

The quality is very nice on it as well (as it should be!). It definitely isn't the cheapest planner but I found it pretty comparable in prices to the nicer ones at office supply stores. 

How I plan monthly:

All the colors!
In the beginning of each month's weekly section there is an entire month calendar. I use this to write down general things I need to know such as due dates, house sitting dates, and sometimes I pretend to plan dinner ideas and put it in there. I try and color code different items. For example anything school related (that is normally a due date) I put it red (it used to be orange but I lost that pen). Color coding gives me a better idea of what my month looks like at a glance. 

How I plan weekly: 

I take items from the month calendar and elaborate on them more in depth in my weekly section. Due dates will have a time they are due in the planner in this section. I'll also put more "to-dos" on my weekly agenda rather than monthly. In the Sunday section in black I write things I want to get done for the week. This planner isn't perfect and it would be ideal to have a set of lines on the side to put this information. 

It isn't as organized and my life isn't as planned as much as I would like, but it is something I am working on. I try and sit down once a week to plan the next week and see what I have accomplished from the current week. Even if I don't take a second glance at my agenda after planning things, just the act of writing stuff down really helps keep me on track. 

My goals are to have more of my life planned out and to use my planner daily. 


  1. I've found I've only gotten better at using my planner over time :) thanks for joining the hop!

  2. The Lilly planners are great- I was always very happy with the quality!

  3. ha my goal is to also have more of my life planned out... so far, so meh. lol

  4. I am having little pangs of guilt in that I don't plan much out. Your planner is so cute and my Google Calendar is so impersonal and small and I have to intentionally go into my phone and click, click to get at it. I'm thinking I should go back to my old Moleskine.