Thursday, December 17, 2015


Cute pony that lives at my house

12/15- Ries got seen by massage therapist! And then he was a little brat. He felt MUCH better after getting worked on and wanted to go run in the swamp. I let him out and he romped around for awhile. 

Meanwhile, I went back inside the heated office to get myself adjusted. Afterwards, we were sitting there talking when a barn mate started waving at me threw the window. I waved back politely when she suddenly seemed like she needed my attention urgently. I walked outside and apparently Riesling was taking a self guided walk down the road. 

Apparently when the barn mate showed up to clean stalls she opened the arena gate and didn't see any horse in there and proceeded with her chores. Ries spent a good half hour wandering around the ranch before getting bored and walking down the road. 

Luckily he wasn't super excited and was just cruising. A car was coming towards him and stopped. He came up to them and they pet him while I walked towards them with a leadrope. When they saw me they shooed him towards me. He saw me and nonchalantly walked up to me and would have followed me back to the barn even if I didn't have a leadrope around his neck.
When I first saw him walking down the road I was sure that is how I was going to lose him. Instead he just wanted to scare me half to death. Ahh silly ponies. 


  1. Glad you caught him! That shit can be scary!

  2. omg scary! glad he didn't try to play catch too!! oh ponies...