Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Where I still havent found my winter gloves..


But yet I still rode. Yay! Ries has been awesome. Very forward! I immediately noticed he is struggling with balancing and carrying himself. His topline has decreased so we will be working on that first to get back in shape. 

Apologize for shitty iPhone pictures. Better than no pictures? My bf is not gifted at taking horse pictures yet. No pretty trot pics, sads. 

I was super pleased with his attitude. He is really wanting to get back into riding fun. Hopefully I'll scrounge up some money and be able to start lessons again here soon. Getting a little more in shape first wouldn't be bad though. 

In other news, for the past few months I've been using Jamberry nails. They are wraps that you heat up and stick on your nails. Surprisingly, they can last up to a month with no chips or falling off! (I may or may not have tested this theory last month..) 

I'm not selling or advertising for them, I just really like them and found they work great with equestrian hands! I work the front desk at my job and they tolerate that well too. 

I live on a little (10 acre) farm now and with winter here, there has been a lot of mice in my house! I decided it would be best to get some barn cats (at least that was my excuse hehe). So I have three new family members! The oldest is a grey cat (that blends in with the blankets) named Noodles. The two kittens are little girls named Salt and Pepper (my bf is so creative in the name department *rolls eyes*). 

Anyways, that is about it for now. This week we will battle the cold and just try lots of long and low trot to get that topline back up. 

Cute sleepy kitty to brighten up your Tuesday!


  1. I am a Jamberry addict! Love those things!! Also pls mail me a kitten, thx.

  2. Ries looks great! also those kittens. zomg. too cute!

  3. He is looking great! Even with phone photos. Boyfriend will get the hang of it. And if not, at least there are kittens!