Tuesday, December 15, 2015


12/15 - I noticed the past few weeks that I am crooked. I have a shoulder out and who knows what else. Knowing it had been awhile since Ries was worked on, I focused on feeling out his body. 

The first thing I noticed was a problem we have been having a lot of lately. Ries does not want to stretch into the contact. We will be working on this a lot more. We have been really struggling with the walk and even though it is super boring to work on, we need to do it. 

Tracking right he is counter bent and stuck in his poll and chest. I believe he also has a rib out because he is upset when we try and get bend through the rib cage. Ries was a little fiesty since there hasn't been turnout due to the swamp and he wanted to do something more physical. His trot is still forward and connected, his neck is just very stiff and he isn't coming up under himself. 

We cantered just so he could use up some energy. Holy freaking dolphin. Poor guy was very stuck somewhere (probably why he can't lift his belly) and was just trying to get it out. We stopped cantering because I knew he was uncomfortable somewhere. Hopefully he'll get all fixed up today!

Any suggestions to help him stretch out under saddle? 


  1. Equine Fitness is a lovely book with great stretches and massages in it you can do for your horse, I think if you poke around a bit online the flash cards are in a free pdf :)

    1. I know what I am using my 50 million year old barns and noble giftcard for! Thanks!!

  2. Ugh I hate that feeling. Carrot stretches help my mare out (when I remember to actually do them)

  3. Poor Reis! Stretches on the ground can be very helpful, and under saddle I like to put them on a big circle in the trot on a loooong rein and just kind of gently bend them until they start to stretch.

  4. I am totally crooked too!!

    To get Henry to stretch I lengthen my reins and really drive him forward at the trot, getting him to step up under himself and he tends to just stretch down... I also love the Chiro for him!