Monday, December 21, 2015

Back to basics

Yikes. Ries is feeling better. 

But as much as we look like crap in this pictures we felt like crap too! Ries was super antsy since he hasn't been able to get turnout due to inclement weather. So I tried to keep his head in the game but he decided it would be more fun to be short-strided and hollow. We managed to get a little work done in the walk but the rest of the time I just tried to get him to use up some energy. 

He gave me a nice buck instead of a canter transition so that was fun. As much as I hate to show you these crappy iphone pictures I need to document the suckage. Enjoy a good laugh. 


  1. he looks mighty handsome in green ;) and it always looks and feels worse to you than to everyone else. hopefully he can get some turnout soon tho so you can get more canter and less buck next time!!

  2. His mane is sick!!

    Hey you didn't fall off, I call that a win!