Thursday, March 23, 2017

SD Blog Hop: Feed

I keep having things I want to talk about but I'm lacking new media and I keep forgetting what I wanted to talk about...anyway I saw this blog hop a while ago and wanted to participate! Better late than never?

AM: 2 flakes alfalfa + 1 flake orchard
PM: 2 flakes alfalfa + 1 flake orchard
Grain: 1 lb Renew Gold + 1 scoop Cosequin + 1 scoop Biotin Daily + 1 scoop MSM

AM: 1 flake alfalfa + 1 flake orchard
PM: 1 flake alfalfa + 1 flake orchard
Grain: 1 cup LMF Super Supplement

Riesling is a hard keeper and I've finally found the recipe for success (or maybe he is just getting old and fat?) I've struggled at nearly every boarding barn up until the last one. I couldn't ever get anyone to feed him enough. I've also gone through a whole mess of different grains from various Purina Senior blends, to Triple Crown, to alfalfa pellets and rice bran. I'm in love with Renew Gold.

I've also used a mess of joint supplements. My favorites have been Tight Joints plus and Exceed 6 way. After I had to get Riesling's hocks injected 2-3 ish years ago I was determined to avoid continuing it. The original vet at Idaho Equine Hospital anticipated Riesling needing injections every 6 months to one year. At his six month check up, he didn't need them. Nor at his year check up. Maybe his hocks fused but I choose to believe the joint supplements did the trick.

Thank god that white has turned into green! 

Last year you may remember us having lameness issues. After blocking and x-rays it was determined that last spring Riesling broke his left rear fetlock and had severe arthritis and bone chips in the area. The vet was shocked by the x-rays but made a comment that if he wasn't on such good joint supplements he should have been dead lame. Since then I put him on Pentosan injections. I read that Cosequin worked well paired with the Pentosan and I wanted to prolong Riesling's career as much as possible. Since I've started the injections he is perfectly sound. The Cosequin is relatively cheap ($45 for 80 scoops on Amazon) so I don't mind paying for extra piece of mind. Riesling also has notoriously bad feet and Biotin Daily is also inexpensive. The MSM is so cheap it is thrown in for good measure.

LMF Supper Supplement on the other hand is what my trainer swears by and has all her horses on. It's cheap and I think it is a good over-all supplement to have any horse on. Not like a baby really needs any supplements or grain anyways, but it definitely doesn't hurt.


  1. I've never done cosequin but good to know you can get it affordably on amazon.

  2. Lucky horses, getting such fantastic care :) I wanted to participate in this one too, but owning a pony is very boring...orchard hay net and a scoop of minerals once a day!

  3. Cosequin was the only joint supplement my vet recommended when I initially took Hot Rod in for his injection!