Monday, March 13, 2017

Baby Horse Shenanigans

Here is a little update on Baby Z. Now that the ground is solid and sun is shining, we are back to baby bootcamp. He is coming 2 this year and while he isn't a snot, I want him to be a perfect gentleman before he gets broke. I've done 3 groundwork sessions over the past week. Last year he wasn't exactly fond of being caught and haltered and I'm happy to report that while he isn't an eager beaver to play, he does let me catch him and halter him easily. 

On the ground we've been going for walks. He is reasonable about the forward and stop and he understands backing up pretty well. We also did some turns on the forehand and yielding to pressure. He is pretty happy to just hang out with you but definitely lacks confidence in a new environment. The first time on our walk he was a little spooky and wanting to run me over if he was scared. I laid down the law that it is ok to be uncertain about something, but plowing over me isn't in his job description.  By the third walk he was very respectable and stopped and snorted at something and allowing me to reassure him rather than run me over. 

I played a lot with him last year and while he was pretty reliable with picking up his feet, this time he was pretty sure he could get around on three legs. He is also pretty sensitive about the lead rope so I did desensitizing with it. 

Next step is teaching him to tie so I can clean him up and he doesn't have to look like a muddy yak anymore!