Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ride Recap: 3/2/17 Bullwinkle

 Right before my San Diego trip I wanted to snag another ride on Bullwinkle and try and get my balance back before we jumped in the next lesson (still yet to happen, booo rain). Now my second ride in my jump saddle in two years, I felt so much more comfortable. I was able to swiftly get on instead of scrambling, and I felt comfy nearly right away. 

Bully is pretty trained but gets most of the beginner lesson kids riding him. I took advantage of this and got him bending and using his whole body right away at the walk. I rewarded him with long rein breaks where I would focus on myself and try and hold a two-point. At the trot he was much more forward but still pretty stuck and not wanting to bend or come through his top line. We negotiated and I made forward the most important task. For the canter (that was a train wreck last time- I offered no help to him) I remembered how to ride for once and sat, half halted, and applied outside leg. He ran into the transition slightly the first time but I was able to re-balance him and we ended on a relaxed swinging canter. 

He got to dress up in Ogilvy!
I felt like I was able to ride much better and therefore got much better work out of him. I'm confident now with ground poles (lol celebrating the little things) and I'm excited for our jumping lesson this weekend!


  1. I love those ogilvy colors! Sounds like a good ride :)

  2. Oooh, good call working on your two point at the walk. I'm going to do that next week since mine is atrocious right now.