Monday, July 18, 2016

In Paradise

Having moved to Idaho from California I discovered a new love of water. I used to have a large attachment to the beach. The horizon of the sea is so open and inviting. It leaves room for anything to happen, all of the possibilities. It fools you into an ignorant bliss that it never ends. The sweet, salty air is both calming and invigorating. Instead of the misconception that it was where the world ended, to me it was where the world began. 

As soon as I can see water I always feel at home. I never thought I'd feel that way outside of the beach. But lakes and rivers now inhabit a part of my heart. And, to be honest, I think I like them more.

My favorite lakes are up in the mountains surrounded by pine trees. Although the water is familiar, the atmosphere is different. The pine trees remind me of an enchanted forest and I absolutely adore them. I also love how at the high elevations you can still see snow capped mountains in the summer. 

Lucky for me, my horse trainer also has business in rental properties. Just last year her and her husband acquired a vacation home on Lake Cascade. A lot of my house sitting for them was for when they went up to the lake house to work on improving the property. Because it is a vacation rental and not always occupied, they now go up there to enjoy it when it isn't being rented. However, it seems there are still a few extra days it sits empty. 

My horse trainer has generously offered to let me stay there when it isn't being rented. So, when I got a call at 10 pm on Friday night I knew it was a good idea to answer. Despite weekends for the place being booked from June-September already, it seemed there was a cancellation and it would be vacant Saturday and Sunday. It was too late to drive up that night, so after finishing some plans on Saturday my bf and I headed up there for an overnight getaway. 

This was my second trip to the lake house and I had a hard time leaving. As much as I love my little farm and riding horses, the getaway is much appreciated. This past weekend I kayaked for the first time in my life. The two hours of exploring the lake was a little overkill for my out-of-shape body, but I enjoyed every minute of it. 

Now I am back to farm life, but I can't wait for my next lake adventure. If only I could bring the horses there! 


  1. That is really awesome that you get to spend time at the lakes :)

  2. This looks like a GORGEOUS place!

  3. I love lakes and rivers. We used to do a family vacation every year and rent a house boat on a lake for a week. Still one of my fav vacations.