Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Or rather, Chickenburgler. Fourth of July, we woke up to all the chickens in the driveway. Except the rooster. He vanished. 

We have both a chain and bungee cord securing the door to the coop. Unfortunately, both of those mysteriously came off the door to let the chickens escape. My bf is convinced someone stole our rooster.

Apparently this is a thing? Well, down to one Nugget left. The odds are not in her favor. 


  1. Ugh do you think it's someone?

    We want chickens now that we have the acres!

  2. Why would someone steal a rooster? We had to beg people to take ours away as they were so annoying. I like the hens much more.

  3. I'm surprised someone would want a rooster. There always seems to be too many of them.
    Poor Nugget, hopefully she's a survivor!