Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fire Storm

Mac should be in a Pantene commercial

Well yesterday was a whirlwind. Just as I got home I got a call from my horse trainer who is out of town that there was a fire behind the hill at her house. She asked if I could go check her place to make sure everything was ok (there is another student staying there because I'm on a little break). 

So of course I drove out there. It really reminded me of that July 10 Questions blog hop going around about the barn fire. I was praying the fire wasn't too big of a threat because I wasn't ready to face that sort of thing for real yet. My goal when getting there was to see how far the fire was away, what direction it was going, and collect ponies from the hillside. 
Dakota thought I was hiding cookies in my hair

There is nothing more lovely to be doing than convincing a horse to follow his friend when its over 100 outside and hes pretty sure the hot wire is still up. Mac is a crazy semi-feral pony that loves to run through fences, which is why he was retired. He isn't handled at all anymore and is just the companion to Dakota, the retiree. He must have given up his guilty pleasure because no matter how many times I walked Dakota back and forth through the opening in the fence he was pretty sure he'd get zapped. When he's at my house I can easily get them in the paddock and catch him with little issues, but with so much room to run he took that option. 

Finally after about 45 minutes we got him out and to the barn area. Dakota happily marched into the pen and we were hoping Mac would follow him, but instead mac ran around the property wondering why he couldn't get to his friend. It was a little easier to convince him to get in the stall and this time only took about 15 minutes. Poor guy worked himself all up. 

I finally arrived home at around 9 PM and took care of the animals there. My questionably pregnant cat had been missing all day and I was getting worried. I looked everywhere and couldn't find her. I gave up and she wandered into the bathroom when I was getting ready for bed. She looked slightly skinnier and had a wet bottom. I followed her to the kitchen where there was a wet pink fabric thing on the floor..I examined it and determined it was one of those ribbon hair ties. I was guessing she must have puked it up and sat in her watery mess?? Maybe it was the hairtie that made her look so bloated?

I sat with her on the floor of the kitchen a little longer and she finally wandered into the guest room, and under the bed. I shined a flashlight under there and saw a black blob in the corner under the bed. It wasn't moving so I guessed it was either socks or stillborn kittens. I moved the mattress (the bed frame is a log bed and NOT moving with just me) and reached under..and they were kittens and alive! I transferred them to a hamper with towels and set up camp for momma Nala. There are five kittens. They were all nursing last night! This morning momma moved her kittens again and it was the spay appt for her less of a hussy sister so I didn't get a chance to locate them and you better but I'll be worried about it all day!

I poured myself a giant glass of wine, drank it down, and passed out. What a night. 


  1. How big is the fire that's near your trainer's barn? Is it the sand fire? Forest fires are so scary to me. It's part of why I don't want to live in CA anymore. Congrats on the kittens? Not sure if that's a congrats sort of thing.

    1. It was a brush fire a few miles away, contained now but the last update was last night at 10% containment and 500 acres burned so I dont know how big it got. Lol they are atleast cute, albeit a pain in the neck