Tuesday, July 7, 2015

San Diego Adventures

Well Im back! I meant to post yesterday but seeing I do this at work and was slammed yesterday, it got put off until today. I had a fantastic trip!

Me and my BFF from HS at the beach
Basically I went to the beach, saw some friends, went shopping at Mary's, saw a baseball game, went to the fair, and ate a lot of Mexican food!  My phone is running out of storage so I had already deleted a bunch of photos from my trip, but as y'all are all equestrians I figured these were the most important ones anyway ;P

My friend Brittany and I went on the adventure together and you might notice her face and other body parts in pictures ha. I didn't really have money, and nothing caught my eye anyways, until this.

But alas, I already had an Ogilvy. What was I going to do? Consult Queen Tack Ho and get her opinion.

And because I was OBVIOUSLY getting the burgundy Ogilvy baby pad I had to try it on with the half pad to see how atrociously  beautiful it coordinated.

And because the pads are by the breeches..the wonderful sales associate and I began talking about the new Sarm Hippiques they carried and wanted me to try them on. Which led to trying on more breeches. I didn't mind trying on the Sarm's because I figured I would never be able to afford them anytime soon, so I couldn't be too tempted to buy them.

But then they led to the pair on the left (of which I can't remember what they were..something with the sticky gel like knee patch)

And then the Ariat Triumph's (which are FANTASTIC btw)

And of course I've never tried Trophy Hunters so lets give those a go.

And the piece that went home with me. Some Goode Riders.

I also tried on a slew of Pikeurs (and just realized I forgot to try on Le Fash breeches :( ) for funsies. I seriously was not planning on coming home with any breeches. Darn sales lady.
I loved the colors of this! However I knew it wouldn't match ANYTHING I own

Some other random pictures from the shopping adventure. This was a Prestige I believe. It was super comfy and actually fit me well! 

A C4 display above the sunshirt rack. 

This super bizarre Stubben dressage saddle. 

Oh man how I wanted these babies.

 ...until I saw THESE. 

Some really bizarre girths are on the market today...

And that is all the fun stuff! I love seeing posts about Equestrian shopping adventures so I figured why not share mine! I also came home with a Mattes girth cover because CJ thinks Mr. PrincessPants would prefer a fuzzy girth. My bank account hurts.


  1. I will never understand the butt-air-hole saddles. I feel like I'm sitting on the toilet every time I sit on one in a tack shop!

  2. I still need a picture of the ogilvy on said grey pony.

  3. fun trip!! that split seat dressage saddle is crazy tho lol

  4. Mary's is a dangerous place :)

  5. All the cool stuff! Don't worry, your bank account will heal 😊

  6. Hahahah horse stuff shopping on vacation is always the best.

  7. Oh- was that Mary's? I've been dying to go there! Looks like a fun trip!