Friday, July 10, 2015

I suck at goals.

 2nd Quarter Goals Review

Which is ok. I know I didn't work hard enough towards my goals and looking back I can realize that I went an ENTIRE QUARTER without doing shit. Well I did a little shit. So lets talk about what happened in 2nd Quarter.

Make every ride a lesson. I feel pretty confident I completed this one. In fact, I worked my horse so much that he was bodysore for the show. /fail.

Do all of my workouts. Jokes. I did NONE of the workouts. Damnit.

Jump I did manage to jump on my own without the holding hands of SB for once. Yay.

Show WOHOO I did this guys! And I rocked it!

Limit My Spending Hahahahahaha major jokes. Damn Mary's. I was doing so well, too! Kinda. I'm a liar. I'm not even putting this on my goals list for next quarter because I want all the things always and who am I to deny myself that happiness?

Use my planner daily. Ugh. I'm actually going to try to suck less at this. This weekend when I clean my house I'll dig it out and start actually planning crap. Like blog posts. What a concept.

Overall progress: 3/6. 50%

3rd Quarter Goals

 Horse Goals:

Sell shit. If I ain't using it, I'm selling it. SO I can buy more stuff, of course.

Get in a routine. After the vacation and horse show I'm basically out of my riding groove. I need to get back into it.

More pictures. For y'all.

Show da Poney Yeah. Going to bribe him with a lot of cookies.

Me Goals:

Eat Better I've been trying but realistically to implement this goal I need to plan my meals better.

DO THE F&*(#&$(* WORKOUTS It isn't fair to Ponykins to be a fatass while he is fit. 

Use my planner 

Actually blog for once. Like plan dat shit out. Can you tell I'm happy it is friday while I am writing this? 

Alright. So I'm adding 2 more goals to each list. Hoping to exceed 50% this go around.   


  1. Ha. I demand the inside scoop on things for sale. And first dibs.

  2. yay more pictures!!! and shows!! woo hoo :)

  3. 50% is an A in some classes ;)