Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Musings: lunging

Been house sitting. Nothing too exciting. I needed to play with my new ogilvy pads! I'm not sure why, but the dressage saddle spoke to me. Weird, I know. Anyways, not sure how I feel about the grey. Someone enlighten me please. 

I lunged prissy pants on Saturday because something told me he was going to be a twat. I was right. He was kinda lazy and rude tracking left and tracking right he gave me the middle finger. He DID NOT want to go right. He just tried to turn into me and gave me a sassy face. I made him work through it and we ended on a somewhat positive note. But he was being an ass. I'm thinking he was still pissed about having his ribs out and SI out. But dude its fixed. I put lots of pressure all over his body after and he was totally fine, no soreness. 

Interesting note, he kept swishing his tail meaningfully at his left flank..not sure what could be going on there. Maybe just a hair out of place.

Question: my horse hates lunging. How do I get him to respect me more? I have to like threaten to beat him with the lunge whip to get any sort of forward out of him. I pretty much have to lunge on a 10 meter which is not my goal. Grrr.


  1. so i actually love that grey, tho i've always been a fan of neutral colors in general. my mare also is not the most fun to lunge... tho we've been having some success at long lining, esp for getting her to stretch way low down through her back

  2. I have a good lunger, but I have found that doing lots of in-hand work (turn on forehand, walk pirouettes, leg yield, rein back, etc.) with him in side reins has led to him being overall more responsive on the lunge instead of just plodding around. (Swishing tail at the left side could be a sign of hindgut ulcers, but I have an ulcer-prone horse, so I tend to see ulcers everywhere. So take that with a big grain of salt.)