Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Just for you, Emma and Lauren who said I should keep up the good work ;)

Update on Riesy. Hes getting fat and hairy. I had to switch his supps around and he was really displeased. Hes getting used to them now. 

Im not a fan of christmas bragging, but I did get some cool horsey books and other goodies that will show up in future blog posts! 

Uh I have nothing else cool to post. Merry Christmas! Ill make some sort of post up for new years goals. Then I can look next year at them and cry over some ice cream at how little I accomplished lol. 

My blog is rambly. Im rambly. I missed yall. Oh so now that school is done I bet your wondering why I havent ridden. Monday I broke up a fight between the parentals dogs. Insert infected hand here. Boooo. But a friend is in town that will chug my fat pony along tomorrow. Ill get pics because Im sure they will look fabulous(atleast dressed for success).

Ill stop rambling. Proceed with festivities. 


  1. merry christmas!! boo to an infected hand tho - that sounds awful, hope it heals quickly! :(

  2. Happy Christmas
    Sorry to hear about the hand, hope you make a full & speedy recovery!

  3. You need a post with the pics we took in the snow!
    Poor hand :-(