Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I made Crossfit ride my evil pony

ISo our "gang" is affectionately referred to as the muskateers. I had a friend out who goes by crossfit muskateer. She rides horses but doesnt have one of her own so I told her she could ride Ries. Even though he hasnt been ridden in three weeks. Im so evil.

But she survived his fiesty moments and I snapped some awesome pics.

And Calvin wanted cuddles. I apologize for awful iphone pics. I was about to leave and realized Troyota had a mustache. 

And thats all, folks! 


  1. First off Troyota's mustache is epic!!!
    Second, CF Musketeer & Ries look awesome, wish mine looked that good when in regular work...never mind after 3 weeks off!
    Hope the healing is going well & you can find your way back into the tack before too long :-/

  2. I enjoy that mustache pic. Oh and your horse is pretty cute too ;) Hope you get better soon!

  3. your horse is so stinking handsome!!! hope you're back in action soon!!!

  4. Bahaha Troyotas mustache!!!

    Feel better soon!