Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Party with RedHeadLind

And HollyBully. It was at redheadlins's trainers place. Im hoping to join her for some jump lessons over the summer.

Der was a Christmas tree that my phone didnt wanna take a pic of.
I spy RedHeadLins with my little eye.

I got a candle and lighter from th e white elephant exchchange.

I told her to make an awkward expression.

And then HollyBully and I took an awkward pic. Mostly me with the awkwardness. Hollybully stole some rad bling bell boots.

And that is how I spent my Saturday night. My hand is getting better but in the meantime I had a non blogger friend hop on my pony. He hasnt been ridden in three weeks and definitely showed his excitement for her, but was still fabulous nonetheless. Look for our post about it tomorrow! I took lots of pictures :) 


  1. What a fab way to spend a sat eve ING with truly awesome peeps - me jealous?! Only 100%