Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Riesling Update

Ries is a happy horse and enjoying his time at home. I am so relieved. Saturday he was scheduled to start work again. I pulling him out of his stall and he was already acting gimpy so I hand grazed, and watched as bf trotted him out for me to see. Yep, 100% unchanged. *sigh*

I immediately felt a stab in my gut and wanted to cry. After a solid 15 minutes of moping, I came to my senses and became determined. I WILL NOT let you be a pasture puff this easily, Ries (much to his dismay). 

I called all the callable professionals and began formulating a plan. My sand arena isn't in yet (no surprise lol) but the dirt arena in front of my house still has decent footing. Because movement is generally the best medicine, I've opted to start hand walking Ries for 15 min daily. He loves spending time with me and I can see him relax and enjoy the stroll (or maybe he just likes the end where he grazes my lawn). 

After speaking with my team of professionals I've ordered Pentosan and am going to try that. I'll begin to start letting him work as well, and let him tell me how he wants to proceed. Right now, he is an eager beaver to get moving. I'm going to start really delicately and if he regresses I will definitely just go back to hand walking. 

I have backup plans as well but no point in discussing those yet because that isn't the goal!
Meanwhile, Rosewood Farms updates; two of the four outbuildings have been beautifully resided. Tbh the before picture is embarrassing and definitely not the reflection I wanted. But now it is clean, classy, and functional! Oh and I also snagged this epic decal (I'm in love with it). 


  1. Wow great job restoring those buildings and making them look beautiful, Hope Ries feels better soon!

  2. Fingers crossed for Ries, I'm hoping the extra blood flow will help encourage healing and remind him that gimping is no fun longterm.

    Wowza, ya'll have made some fab changes to those buildings 😍

  3. Good luck with the plan for Riesling!!

  4. Good luck with Ries! Those buildings look fab.