Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Meet Czi!

so brave! 

This is Mr. Czi (c is silent). He is a registered RPSI stallion (isn't in the book yet) who is formally named Czeitgeist. He is 3 years old and just a few weeks ago came back from being broke. CJ has left me with the most honorable responsibility of snuggling him and giving him confidence. 

I know it seems silly for me to be so honored, but hes a nice horse and she trusts me not to screw him up (yeah I'm afraid that I could touch a horse and mess him up). His current agenda involves cookie stuffing, and learning to be a big brave adult horse. He is a little petite right now and we are hoping he has a growth spurt. 

He already takes selfies like a pro

But I absolutely love this opportunity to be involved with a young horses upbringing! We aren't doing anything big, just going for walks up to the arena and being polite. He is a little scardey cat so we are working on teaching him to take confidence from his handler. He is very respectful and is learning that he can trust his humans.