Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Weekend Recap 4/11/16

Wew! Busy weekend (obviously as I am posting this on Tuesday). Riesling still was on stall rest until yesterday, so I spent my time working on the house. The garden has officially been started and we planted corn, onions, carrots, broccoli, and snap peas. In May I will add more summer friendly veggies to the garden! This is my first time gardening so it should be an adventure. 

We also finally got the "backyard" set up. Our actual backyard is the barn and acres of pasture so this is one of our side yards. Fire pit is all set up, bbq is ready to roll, hammock is hung and I am ready for summer! 

Yesterday I took out Vermont and gave him a quick lunge. He was mostly well behaved but had a case of the head shakes. I believe it is the bugs because he seemed to settle down towards the end. His canter transitions are way less exuberant and he is freaking out way less. I hope this will translate to under saddle as well! 

Three weeks left of the semester and pony time is kicking into high gear. 

I miss the boys at my house! 


  1. I love your garden! I really want a garden one day (I have some herbs and such on my patio but it's not nearly enough!), my dad has a huge garden at the ranch where he grows a ridiculous amount of food. It's so fun to visit in the summer!

  2. That is a lovely garden!! Along with that fire pit and view, you have the perfect backyard!